IN today’s competitive restaurant business, watching your bottom line is more important than ever.  For quick service chains and casual dining restaurants, this is perhaps even more evident.  INPROCESS offers restaurant companies the ability to reduce overhead costs by outsourcing the entire back office operation.  From Payroll and Human Resources to Accounts Payable, Accounting and Financial Reporting, we handle every aspect of the back office restaurant operation.

INTELLIGENCE is the foundation for which our company was built.  With a management team of CPA’s and MBA’s, combined with years of restaurant finance experience, the INPROCESS team is committed to making every aspect of your back office operation a success.  But that’s only where we start.  We believe the true value of our services go far beyond accurate financial processing.  The real value is our ability to share ideas, make suggestions and assist you in implementing strategies to drive the maximum profit from your operation.

INFORMATION is the key to managing any multi-unit operation.  So, timely and accurate information becomes your eyes and ears.  Which location is running a high labor cost?  Which unit is over budget on their food cost?  Why are inventory levels higher in certain units than in others?  Why is cash short/over consistently higher in one unit compared to the rest?  As an executive, you need to be presented with the information necessary to magnify potential trouble spots and make changes as necessary.  INPROCESS provides numerous daily and monthly reports necessary to detect and react to inefficiencies in the operation.  From detailed Profit & Loss Reports to Daily Management Dashboards and Cash Verification Reports, you will have more than enough information needed to manage your business.

INNOVATION is the driving force behind our success.  Through integrated technologies designed to interact with your POS system, we retrieve sales, costing and payroll information accurately and with ease.  Further, at any time you can review your company data and financial reports through our cloud-based accounting system.  INPROCESS is committed to sound and secure technologies built to process your data timely and accurately.

INTEGRITY is a core value we hold in the highest regard.  In a world challenged with a range of business ethical issues, we maintain the integrity of our personnel to be our main focus.  Be assured that your information is managed with the highest level of discretion.       

 IN a word…….INPROCESS.